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These challenging times of global crises and uncertainty are when we need your support the most! Please consider donating via the NTU Development Office’s donation portal to contribute directly to the Centre. Singapore taxpayers’ donations are eligible for a 250% tax deduction, and every dollar you give qualifies for the Cultural Matching Fund.

NTU CCA Singapore is a non-profit institution that takes great pride in presenting internationally acclaimed, research-driven exhibitions, residencies, and extensive educational programmes. Your contribution, regardless of amount, will go a long way in enabling us to play an active role within the local arts scene. Your generous support will also contribute to the development of regional and international arts infrastructures.


Why support NTU CCA Singapore? Because you can make a difference.

We believe that what we do here at NTU CCA Singapore makes a positive and tangible difference through art, and we hope that you will support us in achieving our aspirations.

For enquiries, please get in touch with:

T    +65 6460 0310