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Committed to supporting artists, curators, and researchers by offering them time and space to pursue their research without the pressure of deadlines and production commitments, the Residencies Programme values the open-ended nature of artistic research and embraces multiform expressions of creative enquiry. Aiming to facilitate the production of knowledge, this studio-based programme is dedicated to established and emerging artists and serves as platform for critical exchange in Southeast Asia. The Residencies Programme offers a wide spectrum of programmes aimed at sharing the process of artistic research with the public - Residencies OPEN / Studio Sessions / Insights, which range from open studios, artists’ talks, conversations, performances, and screenings. The Residencies Programme unfolds through annual cycles and runs by nomination only. Every year, a rotating pool of curators and arts professionals from all over the world is invited to nominate two artists for the residency. The nominated artists are subsequently invited to submit a research proposal along with their portfolio and CV. Ultimately, the Residencies Committee, an international panel of experts, reviews the submitted materials and designates the artists who are awarded the residency.


Elia Nurvista

Residency period

The residency of Elia Nurvista was scheduled for October – December 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak rendered international travel impossible. In order to continue to support artistic research and foster collaborations beyond borders, the NTU CCA Residencies Programme initiated Residencies Rewired, a project that trailblazes new pathways to collaboration (1 Dec 2020 – 28 Feb 2021).


As a co-founder of the food study group Bakudapan, Elia Nurvista (b. 1983, Indonesia) employs an interdisciplinary approach towards the discourse around food. Through a wide range of mediums, from video installations to workshops, her works invite reflective participation to think beyond food as an alimentary sustenance. Selected group shows include Dhaka Art Summit 2020, Bangladesh and On the Nature of Botanical Gardens, Framer Framed, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (both 2020); Karachi Biennale, Pakistan and Singapore Biennale with Bakudapan (both 2019). Her recent solo presentation titled Früchtlinge took place at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany (2019).


Research Interests:

  • Food systems
  • Policies and politics related to food
  • Food sovereignty
  • Agricultural solidarity
  • Comparative methodologies

As a co-founder of the interdisciplinary study group Bakudapan, Nurvista is immersed in a long-term research that revolves around the material, cultural, and socio-political implications of food from production to distribution, from consumption to disposal. For this project, the artist aims to undertake a critical mapping of food systems in Singapore and Southeast Asia excavating agricultural production systems, trade routes and agreements, environmental factors, food security policies, food technologies, and consumption habits. By looking at the history and politics that regulate food exchanges between Singapore and Indonesia, the project will unfold within a comparative framework exploring a variety of issues in the two neighbouring countries which—in spite of their radically different scales, developmental emphasis, and levels of wealth distribution—are nonetheless related by multiple cultural kinships.

Research Liaison: Yom Bo Sung

Yom Bo Sung is an artist and arts worker who recently graduated from Slade School of Fine Art, University College London. His practice is invested in food as a material and as an art object, and explores the socio-political implications of food systems.

Residencies brochure (October 2020 – February 2021)

Image credit: Elia Nurvista, As Long We Can Import it, Why Bothered Planting?, 2015, installation view. Courtesy the artist and Cemeti Art House/ Cemeti Institute for Arts and Society.

Public programmes

Residencies Rewired
1 Dec 2020, Tue - 28 Feb 2021, Sun

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The COVID-19 global pandemic cuts straight to the core of a Programme premised on international mobility, unscripted encounters, and site-specific engagements. Ongoing health risks and travel restrictions have moved the scheduled residencies of overseas artists into a zone of impossibility. As much as these unprecedented conditions have unravelled established procedures and standard protocols for action, they also commanded resilience and adaptability, urging us to rethink concepts of distance, modes of engagement, and pathways to collaboration.

In order to pursue organic connections across national borders and foster collaborations beyond the restrictions on bodily movement, NTU CCA Singapore launched Residencies Rewired, a project initiated and overseen by Dr Anna Lovecchio, Curator, Residencies, which is in line with the Centre’s long-standing commitment to support art practitioners and artistic research by facilitating meaningful engagements with the specificities of the local.

Through an Open Call, local researchers have been appointed to act as Liaisons (Artistic Research) to work in close, albeit remote, collaboration with overseas artists over a period of three months (December 2020 – February 2021) and support the development of their research projects. Residencies Rewired will culminate in a series of public programmes to be conducted towards the end of the project.

Artists & Liaisons:

LÊNA BÙI (Vietnam) – Elizabeth Ang

ISABEL CARVALHO (Portugal) – Ang Kia Yee

NOLAN OSWALD DENNIS (Zambia/South Africa) – Kin Chui

RAND ABDUL JABBAR (Iraq/United Arab Emirates) – Rafi Abdullah

DIANA LELONEK (Poland) – Denise Lim

ELIA NURVISTA (Indonesia) – Yom Bo Sung

YUICHIRO TAMURA (Japan) – Ge Xiaocong