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Committed to supporting artists, curators, and researchers by offering them time and space to pursue their research without the pressure of deadlines and production commitments, the Residencies Programme values the open-ended nature of artistic research and embraces multiform expressions of creative enquiry. Aiming to facilitate the production of knowledge, this studio-based programme is dedicated to established and emerging artists and serves as platform for critical exchange in Southeast Asia. The Residencies Programme offers a wide spectrum of programmes aimed at sharing the process of artistic research with the public - Residencies OPEN / Studio Sessions / Insights, which range from open studios, artists’ talks, conversations, performances, and screenings. The Residencies Programme unfolds through annual cycles and runs by nomination only. Every year, a rotating pool of curators and arts professionals from all over the world is invited to nominate two artists for the residency. The nominated artists are subsequently invited to submit a research proposal along with their portfolio and CV. Ultimately, the Residencies Committee, an international panel of experts, reviews the submitted materials and designates the artists who are awarded the residency.


Dirk Snauwaert

Residency period

7 – 13 December 2015


Dirk Snauwaert (b. 1963, Belgium) has been involved with WIELS Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels, since July 2004; he was appointed Artistic Director in January 2005. Before joining WIELS, Snauwaert was Co-Director of the Institut d’Art Contemporain Villeurbanne/Rhône-Alps, in France, where he was in charge of the exhibition programme and of the development of the FRAC Rhône-Alpes collection. He was Director of the Munich Kunstverein from 1996 to 2001.


Dirk Snauwaert will connect with local artists and explore the Singapore art scene as well as the larger region of Southeast Asia. Snauwaert will also give a public talk presenting ideas related to the exhibition Atopolis, organised by WIELS, Contemporary Art Centre (Brussels) in collaboration with Mons 2015 – European Capital of Culture, which presented a group of artists interested in phenomena of circulation, diaspora and cultural dislocation. Twenty-three artists temporarily installed a proposal for an atopolis, or for an ideal city, connected to everyplace or anyplace. Snauwaert will also provide insight into the institution he directs – WIELS which combines a set of complementary functions: exhibition, production through an international residency programme and a robust education focus.

Public programmes

Residencies: Insights – Talk by Curator-in-Residence, Dirk Snauwaert (Belgium)
9 Dec 2015, Wed 7:30pm - 9:00pm

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Curator-in-residence Dirk Snauwaert will present ideas related to the exhibition Atopolis. In summer 2015, WIELS organised an exhibition in the Belgian town of Mons, on the premise of it being converted into a start up centre for creative technologies. The show is aimed at the touristic restoration of the region – another symptomatic case of using visual arts as a tool to develop a new market in cultural consumption. The proposed curatorial solution was to reconnect dialogues of critical contemporary discourse with those of the region’s history. Snauwaert will also provide insights into the institution he directs – WIELS, which combines a set of complementary functions: exhibitions, international residency programmes and education.