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Workshop: Weaving Patterns with Rattan by P.C. Ee (Singapore), Co-founder, Industry+ and Lim Masulin (Indonesia), Founder, BYO Living

26 Aug 2018, Sun 02:00 PM - 06:00 PM
The Seminar Room, Block 43 Malan Road

Workshop fee: S$35
Please register via Peatix:

P.C. Ee and Lim Masulin will introduce the applications and advancements of weaving from their perspectives as producer and manufacturer. Ee has been producing woven pieces for Industry+, bringing traditional crafts up-to-date by introducing playful geometry and contemporary design. Lim, as a manufacturer, has been developing weaving techniques using recycled waste and natural plants for various applications including furniture and accessories, and most notably architecture. The weaving is used to shield the building, effectively reducing heat radiation. Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the application possibilities and to manipulate provided patterns through different software, creating their own weaving designs.



P.C. Ee (Singapore) is Co-founder of the Singapore-based furniture brand Industry+ that constantly works with designers and manufacturers to produce and promote Asian design products for the international market. P.C. Ee edits and produces works of Asian designers including Jun Yasumoto, Studio Juju, and Nendo, in a collaborative process for the brand’s collection. Industry+ also creates a collection of outdoor furniture for WOHA’s new brand WOHAbeing. Industry+ strives to push the boundaries of materials, manufacturing, and craftsmanship in Asia, producing pieces that carry traces of influence from the culture of its designers to collectively represent a subconscious Asian aesthetic.

Lim Masulin (Indonesia) is “ASEAN Senior Mastercraft Designer” known to invent the BYO Living weaving technology for energy saving architecture like Toyota Headquarter’s 4,000m2 LEED Platinum ventilation weaving panels, East Java power plant’s cooling façade, ad Maldives Halaveli’s outdoor furniture. On sustainable materials, he uncovers regrow-able rattan with durable silica skin, tear-proof grass from CO2 absorbing peatland, and weatherproof upcycle waste. At the World Economic Forum, he shared how to make a social impact with weaving’s circular sustainability. You can visit his latest work on Indonesian architect Andra Matin’s pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale, which received a Special Mention Award for reflecting on material/form of traditional vernacular structures.


Image credit: Andra Matin pavilion Elevation, Venice Architecture Biennale, 2018. Courtesy Lim Masulin.