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The Lab is a platform for introducing research in progress in various formats, different temporalities and modalities of expression.


Public Resource Platform:
We Are Open!

8 May 2018, Tue - 8 Jul 2018, Sun

We Are Open! brings the artists’ files of NTU CCA Singapore’s Public Resource Platform into the spotlight by reinterpreting The Lab, the Centre’s space for introducing research in process, as an open studio for activation. Each artist’s file contains materials ranging from books, collaterals, photographs, and videos to grey literature, donated to the Centre by the Artists-in-Residence, as well as Singaporean artists outside our Residency Programme.

Spanning eight weeks, this presentation by NTU CCA Singapore’s Young Professional Trainees takes the form of an ongoing experiment to explore the potential of these files as a tool for research and education, inviting the public to engage with materials for research, creation, and commentary about subjects such as culture, identity, and alternate realities. We Are Open! will also include collaborations with local artists who have been invited to utilise the diverse resource materials in the context of education workshops.

Curated by Young Professional Trainees:

Qamarul Asyraf, Productions
Ho Mun Yee, Research
Sara Ng, Residencies
Joey Sim, Residencies
Priscilla Toh, Communications
Olivia Wong, Exhibitions
Zhang Jing Chao, Outreach and Education

Image caption: Materials from NTU CCA Singapore’s artists’ files, 2018.



The Public Studio

The Public Studio consists of two workshops in which the public will be able to work first-hand with invited local artists who are also educators in the arts field. Through these workshops, the public and artists will have the opportunity to generate tangible interpretations of the resources in the Public Resource Platform.

These collaborative discussions on contemporary subjects found in the artists’ files, aim to provide a better understanding of how the Public Resource Platform can be utilised beyond the intended context of curatorial research. Insights derived from these workshops will be exhibited on the walls throughout the course of the show as demonstrations of the experimental processes.


Wednesday, 6 June 2018, 7.00 — 9.00pm

The Public Studio: Exploring Autogenous Culture through Participatory Art Practices workshop with Dr Felicia Low (Singapore), artist and Director, Community Cultural Development

Wednesday, 20 June 2018, 6.00 — 9.00pm

The Public Studio: Dirty Laundry workshop with Ang Song Nian (Singapore), artist and Lecturer, School of Art, Design and Media, NTU