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Tuesday in the Tropics: A reading by art historian Tony Godfrey, The Philippines

27 Oct 2015, Tue 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Red Baron, Block 45 Malan Road

Frustrated by how challenging it was to get reviews on art from Southeast Asia published in art magazines in Europe or the United States, Tony Godfrey started to write an illustrated weekly letter. Titled Tuesday in the Tropics, he emailed this letter to curators and friends in the United Kingdom. Over the course of the year, they have become more varied – sometimes reflective, sometimes descriptive, sometimes personal. Godfrey will read the first of these letters including his most recent (No. 40) along some of those from in between, while artist Ian Woo will provide a musical accompaniment.

Tony Godfrey is a British art historian and has been writing on contemporary art for over thirty five years and has published widely. From 1989–2008, Godfrey worked for the Sotheby’s Institute, London where he was Director of the MA in Contemporary Art. Since taking up residency in Singapore and The Philippines, he has worked as a writer and curator with artists from Southeast Asia and China. From 2012–2015 he was curator at Equator Art Projects at Gillman Barracks.