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Tini Aliman
Exiting-Traversing-Disembark, 2021
Commissioned by NTU CCA Singapore

22 Jan 2021, Fri - 28 Mar 2021, Sun

Free Jazz III. Sound. Walks.


Exiting-Traversing-Disembark consists of three parts with three points of departure and ways of traversing paths that sometimes may not have points of return.

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Exiting-Traversing-Disembark is a meditation and reflection on what it might mean to move from one point to another, to cross waters. Visualising the sea as ‘ground’ as a departure point, this soundwalk gives attention to  the multiple trajectories in which we perceive what it means to travel or traverse through space, especially against the constraints of the present times. On an island city state like Singapore with its high rise concretised built environment, it is easy to forget we are surrounded by water and connected to the archipelagic. How can we be more attentive to the soundscape of these journeys where we cross water, whether that crossing is figurative, imaginative, speculative or actual?



Tini Aliman (Singapore) is a sound artist and designer, field recordist and audio technician who works at the intersection of theatre and film sound design, live sound art performance, installation and collaborative projects. Her research interests include but are not limited to, forest networks, spatial acoustics, bio-music, botanical histories and the variables of data translations via biodata sonification. She has been involved in projects and exhibitions across Asia Pacific and Europe. Her recent projects have been presented at National Gallery Singapore, NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore, Biennale Urbana at Caserma Pepe, Venice and Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei.


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Image: Tini Aliman, Exiting-Traversing-Disembark, 2020–2021, St. John Island, Singapore. Commissioned by NTU CCA Singapore for Free Jazz III. Sound. Walks. Courtesy the artist.