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The Public Studio: Exploring Autogenous Culture through Participatory Art Practices workshop with Dr Felicia Low (Singapore), artist and Director, Community Cultural Development

6 Jun 2018, Wed 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
The Lab, Block 43 Malan Road

This workshop by Dr Felicia Low presents the concept of autogenous cultural practices, which are defined by life practices that neither rely on nor protest the influence of the state on the site of the body and everyday life. Low also proposes for autogenous cultural practices which establish their own forms of life and measures of value that are in no way dictated by predetermined institutional forms of social life and engagement. To illustrate this proposal, Low will draw upon references from her publication Autogenous Culture As Political Form (2016) as well as an auto-ethnographical account of three participatory art projects — first, a project with the incarcerated in a governmental disciplinary centre; second, Project X, a non-governmental organisation that supports sex workers; and lastly, an independent art project with three young women.

The second part of the workshop will culminate in a conversation between the artist, the Centre’s Young Professional Trainees (YPT) who are the curators of this project, as well as the public. The conversation will trace the connections between Low’s practice and other educational projects through a selection of materials from the NTU CCA Singapore’s Public Resource Platform.


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*This workshop is a public programme of the current research project Public Resource Platform: We Are Open! in The Lab.



Dr Felicia Low (Singapore) is a graduate of Goldsmiths College and has been a practising visual artist since 1999. Her projects have mostly been site-specific, performative and community-specific as she works collaboratively with different sectors of society. A Lee Kong Chien scholar of the National University of Singapore, Low obtained a PhD in Cultural Studies in Asia in 2015. Her research focused on the politics of participatory visual art practices with subaltern communities in Singapore.

Low is also the Founding Director of a not-for-profit organisation, Community Cultural Development (Singapore), which aims to provide a critical discursive platform for artistic practices that engage with communities in the region. Low is also an associate lecturer with the Singapore University of Social Sciences (BA in Art Education & Psychology/Arts Management) and teaches Anthropology at the School of the Arts, Singapore.

Public Resource Platform: We Are Open!

Public Resource Platform: We Are Open! brings the artists’ files of NTU CCA Singapore’s Public Resource Platform into the spotlight. Each artist’s file contains materials ranging from books, collaterals, photographs, and videos to grey literature, donated to the Centre by the Artists-in-Residence, as well as Singaporean artists outside our residency programme. This presentation invites the public to engage with these materials for research, creation and commentary about subjects such as culture, identity, and alternate realities.

The Public Studio will further facilitate public engagement and critical discourse. Comprising two public programmes led by local artist-educators, members of the public are invited to collaborate with them firsthand and acquire insights into potential uses for the Public Resource Platform beyond that of curatorial research; in particular, as tools for arts education.

Notes, image prints, writings and other creative work derived from these programmes will be presented on the walls of The Lab as part of the YPT Studio, documenting experimental processes for the duration of the show.

Image caption: Felicia Low and Project X, Unheard Voices Of The Red Light District, 2012, The Substation, installation view. Courtesy Felicia Low.