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The Public Studio: Dirty Laundry workshop with Ang Song Nian (Singapore), artist and Lecturer, School of Art, Design and Media, NTU

20 Jun 2018, Wed 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
The Lab, Block 43 Malan Road

In this iteration of THEBOOKSHOW’s Dirty Laundry project, artist and lecturer Ang Song Nian will guide participants through a hands-on examination into the bad and the ugly in photography. The workshop will explore what makes a photograph “good” or “bad” and further develop this ongoing conversation among image makers, tastemakers, and the audience.

Participants are invited to bring their own images to the workshop. Working with their own images, as well as materials from the Public Resource Platform, participants will serve as contributors and editors to create a unique copy of their very own Dirty Laundry photo zine.

What to bring?

At least 15 – 20 “bad” images that are printed on any form of paper material between the sizes 148mm – 297mm (length or height)

Images are required to be owned by the participant to avoid copyright infringements.


Please register for the workshop here:

*This workshop is a public programme of the current research project Public Resource Platform: We Are Open! in The Lab.


Ang Song Nian (Singapore) works with materials and traces of human behaviours made visible within landscapes through photographic documentation and installation. Intrigued by the narration of thoughts and ideologies through visuals, he has always favoured a microscopic approach to concepts, a style which he always employs to open up details in his practice. He currently lectures in the Photography department at the School of Art, Design and Media in Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He is also the founder of THEBOOKSHOW, an initiative that serves as a platform for artists who believe in the medium of self-published, artist-led photo books.

Public Resource Platform: We Are Open!

Public Resource Platform: We Are Open! brings the artists’ files of NTU CCA Singapore’s Public Resource Platform into the spotlight. Each artist’s file contains materials ranging from books, collaterals, photographs, and videos to grey literature, donated to the Centre by the Artists-in-Residence, as well as Singaporean artists outside our residency programme. This presentation invites the public to engage with these materials for research, creation and commentary about subjects such as culture, identity, and alternate realities.

The Public Studio will further facilitate public engagement and critical discourse. Comprising two public programmes led by local artist-educators, members of the public are invited to collaborate with them firsthand and acquire insights into potential uses for the Public Resource Platform beyond that of curatorial research; in particular, as tools for arts education.

Notes, image prints, writings and other creative work derived from these programmes will be presented on the walls of The Lab as part of the YPT Studio, documenting experimental processes for the duration of the show.

Image caption: THEBOOKSHOW, Dirty Laundry: The Bad Photo Project, 2017. Courtesy THEBOOKSHOW.