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Sensing the World
Workshop by Buen Calubayan (Philippines) in collaboration with Deo Briones (Philippines), musician and facilitator

26 Jan 2019, Sat 04:00 PM - 06:00 PM
The Seminar Room, Block 43 Malan Road

The research of Buen Calubayan investigates the naturalized mechanisms of visual world-making and the techniques of perception influenced by digitality which involves the practice of looking into and experimenting on ways of seeing ‘the world’. Being informed by multiple methodologies including Steiner pedagogy, indigenous knowledge, autoethnography and an anthroposophical approach to biography work, the workshop takes on an experimental approach to research visual culture. Calubayan will present his research methodologies that explores how one sees and senses the world through image-making systems and in collaboration with artist Deo Briones participants will develop methods of creating their own visual research patterns while experiencing different world views by body exercises.



Buen Calubayan’s (b. 1980) works investigates the uses and limits of a diagrammatic approach in understanding the world and our positions in it. Using the terms and techniques of linear perspective, he examines the notions of the horizon, the vanishing point, and grounding, which constitutes the basic design that enables a bigger picture to come about. In a rhythmic process of zooming into and out of his research, installations, paintings, and conceptual works, Calubayan takes off from the autobiographical into the art historical. He then uncovers the mechanisms of perception and tracks the movement of art, history, and politics within the shifting context of the Philippine landscape.

Deo Briones (b. 1982) is primarily a thespian and musician who makes use of these capacities to maneuver his corporate day jobs, ranging from sales and customer service to managing operations and process development, In between breaks from the demands of the corporate, Deo renews his artistic inclinations by engaging in theater productions and acoustic gigs. His interest and advocacy in child development was further enhanced by being a Main Teacher in a Waldorf/Steiner school in the Philippines. His wide experience with public speaking, engaging various age groups, profession and ethnicity led to freelance work in designing and facilitating team buildings, workshops and trainings with the use of simple games, arts and movements in line with the business and/or company needs.


Number of participants is limited to 12 persons, please register here:


 A public programme of Acts of Life.



Image Caption:

The Future of Intangible Knowledge with reference to Pua Kumbu workshop by Dr. Welyne Jeffrey Jehom (Senior Lecturer, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Malaya, and Head of Research Center, Center for Malaysian Indigenous Studies, Malaysia) during the Acts of Life critical research residency in Singapore. Dr. Jehom’s workshop explored the ways of seeing and transmitting intangible indigenous knowledge through the technological application. Image courtesy of NTU CCA Singapore.