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Residencies: Studio Sessions | Spatial Trichotomy with Artist-in-Residence Julian ‘Togar’ Abraham (Indonesia) and collaborators Bani Haykal (Singapore) and Wu Jun Han (Singapore)

15 Jun 2016, Wed 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Studio #01-02, Block 37 Malan Road

One perceives their position in a spatial structure through sight and sound. Beginning in darkness, this audio-visual performance will gradually emerge through the initiation of light. Situated between the realm of light and sound, Spatial Trichotomy will provoke a reconsideration of space through the codependency of our senses.


Julian ‘Togar’ Abraham (Indonesia) is an artist, musician and pseudo scientist. Words like generative, manipulating, dematerialisation are often used to identify his work. Connecting one thing to another, expressed in complex algorithms, has enabled his experiences in how art, the environment, science and technology relate to one another to provide new tools in educating and engaging society.

Bani Haykal (Singapore) experiments with text and music. As a soloist, he works primarily with acoustic instruments, both traditional and hacked, and his practice revolves around narratives, structured improvisation and spoken word.

Wu Jun Han's (Singapore) experimentations in the audio-visual expanded from a background in video art. His projects deal with an interdisciplinary approach to performance,  developed out of themes of the visceral, vernacular and the future.

Image credit: Julian ‘Togar’ Abraham, Spatial Trichotomy performance, photo documentation from Jatim Biennale 6th, Surabaya, Indonesia (2015). Courtesy of the artist.