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Residencies: Studio Sessions | Fermentation Madness, Parts I & II: Workshop by Julian ‘Togar’ Abraham (Indonesia), Artist-in-Residence

14 May 2016, Sat 4:00pm - 6:00pm
28 May 2016, Sat 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Studio #01-02, Block 37 Malan Road

As part of Julian ‘Togar’ Abraham‘s (Indonesia) artist project, he will conduct a two-part workshop inviting participants to experiment with the fermentation process and brew their own alcohol using their chosen combinations of fruit. In Part 1 of the workshop on 14 May, Togar will walk participants through the process of fermentation and its relationship to his pseudo science-based practice that aims to democratise the laboratory and liberate the knowledge of science to a wider society. Whilst in residence at NTU CCA Singapore, Togar is conducting research into the process of fermentation, which is key to his research into diabetes and the conversion of bio-fuel.

Part 2 of the workshop on 28 May will involve the post fermentation, drawing attention to the production process and effect of variables such as temperature, sugar levels and quantity of yeast. Participants will be invited to taste test and take home their own brews.

Please RSVP to and bring some fruit that you would like to ferment.

Image credit: Julian ‘Togar’ Abraham, Kapitän Biopunk: Fermentation Madness (2010), Installation view at Transmediale Festival (2011), Berlin, Germany. Courtesy of the artist.