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Residencies Recorded #2: Seeding Spaces

24 Jul 2020, Fri - 27 Sep 2020, Sun

In this series, the Centre looks back at the Residencies Programme’s archives of talks, conversations, and performances to periodically highlight select events that take on particular resonance with the present times.

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#2 Seeding Spaces

From extant buildings to the lack of arts infrastructure, reflections on the social roles of the built environment cut across these talks where artists address cultural spaces not just as containers but also as agents in the production of contemporary art and in the development of collective consciousness. Addressing different scenarios, the artists expound on the spatial contours of cultural life and their multiple oscillations between creation and recreation asking: How does the built environment shape ways of working, sharing, and being together? How can we reimagine the premises on which these spaces come to exist?

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Creatif Compleks – Artist talk by Michael Lee (Singapore), Artist-in-Residence
17 March 2018

Unravelling a series of intersecting reflections on the function of the artist’s studio within the arts ecology of a city, Michael Lee presents Creatif Compleks, a project developed during the residency for The Vitrine, the Centre’s smallest Space of the Curatorial. Through a diagrammatic reconfiguration of a hypothetical studio, the work takes a speculative leap into the utopian and the absurd, rendering visible the physical, psychological, and social factors layered in the most private and intimate environment of creative making.

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On Museums Made by Artists, Artist talk by Tun Win Aung (Myanmar)
30 July 2019

In this talk, artist Tun Win Aung highlights the challenges related to envisioning a contemporary art institution in the context of Myanmar. As he speaks about the creation of transient museums through collaborative processes and continuous conversations with local artists, Tun Win Aung recalls on his friendship and multiple artistic partnerships with the late Phyoe Kyi, a former Artist-in-Residence, focusing on the conception and development of The Museum Project.

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Residencies Insights: Models of Organisation. Images as Comrades, Film screening and discussion with Irina Botea Bucan and Jon Dean (Romania and United Kingdom), Artists-in-Residence
10 December 2019

Previous Artists-in-Residence, Irina Botea Bucan and Jon Dean, present past films and discuss their collaborative practice. Examining the formation of cultural spaces, the duo draws attention to the cumulative energies and community engagement that lie at the core of their long-term comparative research on the history, usage, and imagination of community centres as spaces for collective authorship of culture.

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