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Residencies OPEN x Art After Dark

21 Sep 2018, Fri 07:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Blocks 37 and 38 Malan Road

Residencies OPEN offers a rare insight into the often-introverted sphere of the artist studios. Through showcasing discussions, performances, installations, and works-in-progress, Residencies OPEN profiles the diversity of contemporary art practice from around the globe and the divergent ways artists conceive an artwork with the studio as a constant space for experimentation and research.

Come meet our current Artists-in-Residence in their studios! Featuring Takuji Kogo (Japan), Luca Lum (Singapore), Falke Pisano (Netherlands), Zai Tang (Singapore), Susie Wong (Singapore), Wu Mali (Taiwan)

TAKUJI KOGO (Japan), Block 37 Malan Road, Studio #01-01
Relying on several collaborators both physically and through digital platforms, Kogo plans to delve into the geopolitical relationship between Singapore and its bordering countries engaging with vernacular materials such as local newspapers, posters, and media archives.
LUCA LUM (Singapore), Block 37 Malan Road, Studio #01-03
Interested in ideas involving human perception, vulnerability, intimacy, language, and the mundane, Lum works at the intersections of art, performance, poetry, fiction, as well as curatorial projects.
FALKE PISANO (Netherlands), Block 37 Malan Road, Studio #01-06
The artistic practice of Pisano scrutinises the ways in which systems of thought are structured, formalised, and ultimately naturalised. Her series of works stem from long-term research cycles that delve deep into specific subject matters and undermine conventional frameworks of knowledge by triggering a continuous exchange between language, ideas, materials, and forms.
ZAI TANG (Singapore), Block 38 Malan Road, Studio #01-04
As an artist, composer, and sound designer, Tang experiments with drawing, animation, projection, and performance. His work often entails abstract visualisations of field recordings of the natural environment that respond to the spectres of mass extinction.
SUSIE WONG (Singapore), Block 38 Malan Road, Studio #01-07
Central to the practice of Wong is the understanding of photography as a medium that mediates between memory and loss, documentation and nostalgia. Her works comprise figurative paintings, drawings, video installations, writings, as well as curatorial projects.
WU MALI (Taiwan), Block 38 Malan Road, Studio #01-05
Focusing on the quotidian act of food consumption, Wu utilises cooking, eating, tasting, and sharing as heuristic tools to examine processes of social change brought about by colonialism, the Cold War, and globalisation.
Image credit: Studio of Artist-in-Residence Susie Wong at NTU CCA Singapore.