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Reading Group: In(ter)dependent Studies led by Lee Ju-Lyn

8 Sep 2019, Sun - 14 Sep 2019, Sat 02:00 PM - 05:00 PM
The Exhibition Hall, Block 43 Malan Road

8 – 14 September 2019 (except Monday, 9 September), 2.00 – 5.00pm 

In(ter)dependent studies is an initiative that invites collaborators to study independently, and somewhat together at the same time. It reflects upon personal development, ideas about “studying,” and the purposes and purposelessness of such endeavours. It questions, for instance, the meaning when such pursuits are associated with institutions, certifications, and structure, the status of “independent” and “students,” and studying as an occupation. The month-long programme, taking place over several locations, including NTU CCA Singapore, is largely prompted by NTU CCA Singapore’s exhibition Siah Armajani: Spaces for the Public. Spaces for Democracy. 


More information and registration details can be found in this open invitation:



Lee Ju-Lyn (Singapore) is concerned about topics such as time, identity, and meaning, along the lines of existentialist and Daoist ideas. Following such ideas that the arts may offer insights, she hypothesises that self-development lend possibilities too, and thus sets about learning about the arts. Lee finished a Fine Art programme at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) as valedictorian, and recently completed the MA in Museum Studies and Curatorial Practices at NTU ADM. She is now an “independent student.” Lee is pursuing a specialisation in Chinese ink, and produces various forms and combinations of visual and literary art.