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Reading Group: Climate Conversations

8 Oct 2019, Tue 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM
The Exhibition Hall, Block 43 Malan Road

Led by Climate Conversations

This guided conversation about climate change will explore what this crisis means for the things we care about, and what we can do in response. Participants do not have to be environmentalists; this group welcomes everyone who has questions, is confused, worried, or curious about the topic. It encourages participants to be part of creating a brighter future, not just about surviving, but thriving together. 

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Climate Conversations (Singapore) was founded by four people to build the widespread support for climate action. They developed a unique outreach programme based on research and personal connection to enable those who are concerned to effectively engage friends and loved ones in meaningful discussions about acting on our responsibility to the things and people we love and what it means to protect them in the future. They have since trained dozens of facilitators who have reached hundreds of people through these conversations, inspiring them to act systematically and collectively to bring about meaningful change. For more information, please visit here.