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Performance, Shubigi Rao, Visual Snow (2014)

5 Apr 2014, Sat 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Visual Snow (2014) is an important installment in Shubigi Rao’s ongoing biographical study of S. Raoul1, which, for the first time, will examine his work in the context of the disappearing film.

Shubigi Rao lives and works in Singapore. As an artist and writer, her interests range from archeology, neuroscience, libraries and books, cultural histories and contemporary art theory, to natural histories and environmental issues. Recent publications include History’s Malcontents: The Life and Times of S. Raoul, (2013), part biography, part reconstruction of the life and times of the erstwhile scientist, theorist, archeologist and scapegoat S. Raoul.

1 S. Raoul acted as if the world needed obscure scholarship, freed from economic and nationalist imperatives, liberated from any agenda save that of furthering said scholarship, a form of quiet activism that has numerous historical precedents and antecedents. S. Raoul was also a mentor and patron of sorts to the younger Rao, who eventually became his biographer.