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Workshop: Performance Art by Kai Lam

7 Oct 2018, Sun 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Independent Archive, 71 Aliwal Street

This one-day performance art workshop advocates performance as a form of creative initiative and art activism that empowers individuals and collectives. Focusing on spontaneous body-related art practices, the workshop will also touch upon radical art practices and actions, secular rituals, and creation of live art images.

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The workshop includes an introduction on performance art in two parts:

  1. A brief survey of performance art practices and history of performance art in Singapore (1990s to 2000s), with a focus on: The Artists Village’s past identity; individual performance artists’ works; and historical and social issues relating to performance art practices in general.
  2. A brief introduction of site specificity in the ephemeral art process, looking in particular at spaces and spatiality, and its aesthetic values and socio-cultural significance.

And two exercises:

Exercise 1

Participants will bring one or more objects of aspiration and share the stories behind these objects: what the objects mean to them and why they selected it. Participants are also encouraged to bring visual art materials and music/soundscapes (e.g. paint and paper, readings, different genres of music/soundscapes) that they may like to use in the workshop. A 10-minute exercise will be conducted with each of the participants’ selected objects and materials.

Objective 1

Explore the subject of identity and personal aspirations; bridge individual ideas with the significance of object materiality in performance; contextualise ideas with the body, materials and symbolic gestures; and transform ideas into performance presentation.

Exercise 2

Participants will choose a site or location within the Independent Archive and its surrounding environment that is socially or culturally significant to their own personal living conditions. All participants are required to present a 10-minute site-specific performance, whether a collaboration with each other or a solo performance. A post-mortem discussion will be conducted after.

Objective 2

Observe site specificity; investigate into space as a performative process of shared meaning-making; derive social and personal significance out of object materials, sounds (music) and physical spaces.

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Kai Lam (Singapore) practices multidisciplinary art that is geared towards performative tendencies. Believing that an art practice should span across diverse mediums, he is versatile and prolific in skills of drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed-media installation, sonic art and performance art.

His involvement in the arts began in 1995 when he majored in Sculpture at Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts. In 2001, he was awarded a study grant from Lee Foundation and an education bursary from National Arts Council to undertake his Bachelor of Arts at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology where he majored in Sculpture. He has participated and collaborated in many multidisciplinary art productions and co-organised art-related events, including Artists Investigating Monuments (AIM) in 2000, under The Artists Village, which took place in various public sites in Singapore. Starting from 2003, he also co-organised a few editions of Future Of Imagination, an annual international performance art festival. In 2009, he initiated Rooted In The Ephemeral Speak (R.I.T.E.S), a platform to explore new ideas and cross-disciplinary presentations in sonic art, time-based and performance art-related practices.


A public programme of Journey of a Yellow Man. Selected Materials from the Independent Archive

Image credit: Kai Lam, Fish walk, 2007, 72-13 TheatreWorks, Singapore. Courtesy the artist.