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Panel Discussion: Sustainability in Fashion with Philip Huang (United States/Thailand), Founder, Philip Huang; William Ingram (United Kingdom/Indonesia), Founder, Threads of Life; and Dr Nanci Takeyama (Brazil/Singapore), Assistant Professor, NTU ADM

1 Sep 2018, Sat 05:30 PM - 07:00 PM
The Single Screen, Block 43 Malan Road

Chaired by Dinu Bodiciu (Romania/Singapore), Fashion Lecturer, LASALLE College of the Arts

Discussing issues of sustainability and environmentally-responsible design, the speakers will touch upon their strategies of operating in ways that cultivate traditional techniques and slow down consumerism. The panel will discuss organic production, responsible material sourcing, fair trade, and establishing cultural understanding as a means for collaboration with local communities to generate economic growth and resources.



Philip Huang (United States/Thailand) made a name for himself as a model, the first Asian model to hit high fashion runways and go on to star in countless campaigns, working with the most creative and influential names in the fashion industry. This experience goes beyond fashion as it has enabled him to travel the world, and during the downtime between shoots and shows, he has been inspired to create something of his own. This “something” are clothes and things that can travel with him, lightly, in his suitcase, and be used in any context, anywhere in the world.

William Ingram (United Kingdom/Indonesia) is Co-founder of Threads of Life, a fair-trade business based in Bali that has worked with over 1,000 traditional weavers in 50 communities on 12 Indonesian islands since 1997. As Co-director of the Bebali Foundation since 2002, he has led the organisation’s support for sustainable use of natural dyes by these same communities. Through his work he demonstrates how profitable business can have a social mission, how community enterprise can be profitable, and how both can be sensitive to indigenous culture. Born in the United Kingdom, he has lived most of his life in Japan and Indonesia.

Dr Nanci Takeyama (Brazil/Singapore) has received her Bachelor degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from São Paulo University, Master of Design from Kyushu University and PhD in Design Research from the Kobe Design University. In her commercial career, she has worked at very prestigious design offices under Alexandre Wollner and typographer Helmut Schmid. She also owned her own design office in São Paulo, with major corporate clients such as Sadia Foods, Votorantin, Camil fodds, among others. Takeyama is the Founding Director of “design for,” a group engaged in utilising scholarly research to advocate cultural understanding and preservation by using design as a dialogue.

Dinu Bodiciu (Romania/Singapore) is a fashion and accessories designer currently teaching Fashion Design in Singapore at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. His designs are conceptualised as extensions of the human body, tackling aspects situated at the border between dress and skin. His projects include collaborations with Lady Gaga, Hunger Games ep3&4, KCPK, while his designs have been featured in various fashion and design magazines and specialist books published around the world.


Image credit: Courtesy Threads of Life.