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Online Screening: Karpo Godina, Litany of Happy People (Zdravi ljudi za razonodu), 1971

17 Jul 2020, Fri - 22 Jul 2020, Wed

Screening is over.

The Litany of Happy People is a song-film about the diverse group of people living harmoniously in rural Vojvodina, an autonomous province of Serbia known for its multi-cultural and multi-ethnic identity. The film presents families with multi-ethnic backgrounds, standing in front of their seemingly similar but colourful rural houses. The film won numerous awards at short film festivals.



Karpo Godina (Slovenia) is a prominent filmmaker and cinematographer. He is an essential figure and a pioneering member of the Yugoslav Black Wave film movement of the 1960s and 1970s. His film career launched int he 1960s when he independently produced 8mm experimental shorts and numerous socio-critical films. HIs film Artificial Paradise was screened at the 1990 Cannes Film Festival. 


Introduction by Vladmir Seput


We have expanded the scope of our educational programming to include online film screenings in an effort to make our programmes more accessible and reach our audiences beyond the walls of our Centre, in light of the limitations on onsite screening at the Centre.

Selected films from our film programme Third Way / After Bandung, curated by Mark Nash and Vladimir Seput, and originally intended to be screened on-site in parallel with the exhibition Non-Aligned, are being made available to be streamed on our website for limited periods of time. Third Way signifies the third force that emerged during the Cold War, as a diversion from the United States and Soviet Union, and After Bandung refers to the period after the 1955 Asian-African Conference, also known as the Bandung Conference. This was the period of rising decolonisation after World War II, with nations declaring their own independence and defending their own positions from colonial powers.

To learn more about this programme’s original scope and sequence, please click here. CCA gratefully acknowledges the collaboration of the curators, filmmakers, and distributors in making this transition to an online film programme possible during the global COVID-19 crisis.


Image: Karpo Godina, Litany of Happy People (Zdravi ljudi za razonodu), film still, 1971. Courtesy the artist.