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Multi-layered Garment: Workshop by Galina Mihaleva and Regina (Maria) Möller

27 Feb 2016, Sat 1:00pm - 4:00pm
The Lab, Block 43 Malan Road

Garments are our chosen – second – skin. Their texture changes with time; they tear, leave scents and traces of stories and bygone histories.

In this workshop, participants create a garment that is multi-layered in its construction. For example, the layers refer to multi- functional use or to a variety of textiles, and materials it is made of which imply different cultural backgrounds. The pattern of this garment is based on the folds of the Samsui headdress and implies the many stories told and shared while working hands-on.

This workshop is part of the research project Interrogative Pattern – Text(ile) Weave by Regina (Maria) Möller at The Lab, 4 December 2015 – 20 March 2016.

Requirements: Please bring a spare piece of textile or garment for the workshop.


Galina Mihaleva is an Assistant Professor at the school of the NTU School of Art, Design & Media where she teaches Technology, Art and Fashion. Prior to joining NTU, Galina taught at Arizona State University for more than 15 years. Her interest in fashion lies in exploring the extent to which we experience fashion (emotional, intellectual and sensual aspects) and how we might be able to accomplish a higher state of connectivity between the body and our clothing.

Regina (Maria) Möller is a Visiting Professor at NTU School of Art, Design & Media and Visiting Research Fellow at NTU CCA Singapore.