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More than [show] business: Post-PopUp at NTU CCA Singapore Panel Discussion / Connecting People in the Post-Internet World: How are technologies and networks changing social behaviour?

13 Sep 2014, Sat

This dialogue session was a program of WHO’S LOOKING: SURF & TURF, an inquiry into engagements with art in the age of the Internet. The speakers, Bernard Leong, Vice- President, Digital Services, Singapore Post Ltd, Gilles Massot, Artist and Educator, Lasalle School of the Arts, Huifen Zheng (Corporate Technology Lawyer discussed how our attention ecology manoeuvres between the online and offline, the agency and spectatorship of art in real life (IRL) extends beyond the physical and durational, through their parallel lives on the web (URL). The panel session was moderated by, Randall Packer, Artist, Educator and Founder of Open Source Studio, OSS via Adobe Connect.