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Lecture: Silk – Properties, Fabrication, and Applications by Dr Dararat Mekkriengkrai (Thailand), Materials Specialist, Material ConneXion® Bangkok, Thailand Creative & Design Centre

8 Sep 2018, Sat 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
The Single Screen, Block 43 Malan Road

Silk, known as the “Queen of Fibres” as it is strong, fine, and highly lustrous, is made from silkworm cocoons through a sericulture process. The triangular cross section with round edges of the silk fibre reflects light like a prism, making silk superior to other animal fibres. The uniqueness and creativity of Thai silk is considered one of Thailand’s cultural trademarks. While expanding on the properties of silk as well as its production and fabrication processes, Dr Dararat Mekkriengkrai will share the heritage of Thai silk, as well as her experience working closely with suppliers, researchers, and designers, focusing on technological advancements, innovative applications, and trends.



Dr Dararat Mekkriengkrai (Thailand) is a Material Specialist for Material ConneXion Bangkok (MCXB) in Creative and Innovation Department of Thailand Creative and Design Centre (TCDC). Her role is on all MCXB management and activities as well as sourcing Thai innovation and materials from the ASEAN countries. She works closely with suppliers and research institute for innovation matching, being a key person on consulting projects and research support of TCDC access clients, including lecturer on materials and technology. Her research expertise is natural rubber, biopolymer and bioplastic, polymer and characterisation, and natural or Thai materials. Dararat studied Biochemistry, has an MS in Polymer Science, and a PhD in Polymer Science and Technology.


Image credit: Thai silk. Courtesy Dararat Mekkriengkrai.