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In The Vitrine:

Fyerool Darma
Vivarium (wii fl∞w w/ l4if but t4k£ ø forms, ♥)

7 Dec 2019, Sat - 12 Jul 2020, Sun
The Vitrine, Block 43 Malan Road

Engaging The Vitrine as a site imbricated with complex histories and practices of display, Fyerool Darma complicates our understanding of Telok Blangah, the area where Gillman Barracks is located and where the artist recently moved, through objects found or acquired, deconstructed and reoriented by the artist and his collaborators.

Vivarium (wii fl∞w w/ l4if but t4k£ ø f0rms,) is an exercise in four parts. Identified through keywords caches on internet-based community marketplaces and by skimming through nearby shops, the items are representations of the artist’s movements and encounters around Telok Blangah and of the possible future of the area: from its literal meaning of “cooking pot” to the forthcoming “Greater Southern Waterfront” development plan. Three items will be placed in The Vitrine, one at a time, with a monthly cadence and each accession will be captured in the Highlights section of the artist’s Instagram account (@fdarma).

Asking questions such as: What is Telok Blangah? And, more importantly if objects are to be taken as registers of the site: Where exactly is Telok Blangah?, Fyerool’s Vivarium (wii fl∞w w/ l4if but t4k£ ø f0rms,) encapsulates an object-based index of the area wherein the items slide like cursors along intricate trajectories and the realms of the physical and digital, the archive and the display, are merged.



Fyerool Darma (Singapore) interrogates the cultural consumption of history and myth in relation to contemporary markers of identity and class. His artefacts and material experimentations are based on an extensive visual vocabulary drawn from popular culture, literature, archives, the internet, and the artist’s own life. He is Artist-in-Residence at NTU CCA Singapore until March 2020.


Image: Fyerool Darma, Vivarium (wii fl∞w w/ l4if but t4k£ ø forms, ), 2019, sketch. Courtesy the artist.

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