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Exhibition (de)Tour: The Wonders of Weeds by Dr Shawn Kaihekulani Yamauchi Lum, botanist, Senior Lecturer, Asian School of the Environment, NTU, and President of Nature Society, Singapore

26 Feb 2019, Tue 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM
The Single Screen, Block 43 Malan Road

“Weeds” are not a group of related plants (like “orchids” or “gingers” or “palms”), nor are they plants with shared physical characteristics (like “trees” or “shrubs”). Although weeds defy easy definition, their name suggests something unwanted or out of place. Many, however, are quite beautiful and merit closer examination and appreciation. This talk will explore different aspects of weeds – what they are, their place in the human psyche, their fascinating life histories – and their inextricable link to human existence.



Shawn Kaihekulani Yamauchi Lum (United States/Singapore) helped form the Nature Society (Singapore) Plant Group with the intention of promoting an interest in plants and plant conservation as part of a broader effort to promote Singapore’s natural heritage. He is a strong advocate of public participation in nature discovery and monitoring, and believes that our quality of life is made better by becoming acquainted with the beautiful and diverse living world around us.


A public programme of Jef Geys Quadra Medicinale Singapore



Image caption: Documentation of Exhibition (de)Tour: Medicinal Herbs by Ng Kim Chuan, gardener, NTU Community Herb Garden, Singapore, Saturday, 12 January 2019. 
Courtesy NTU CCA Singapore.