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Exhibition (de)Tour: Excursions through the Non-Aligned by Dr Tania Roy, Senior Lecturer and Chair of Graduate Studies, English Literature, National University of Singapore

10 Sep 2020, Thu 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM

The lecture was streamed live on Zoom. Watch the full lecture here:



This talk looks at the Non-Aligned exhibition as a speculative point-of-view on the past that suggests that the capacity to imagine new or other futures emerges only from an embodied encounter with disappointment. Taking this as a point of departure, Dr Roy will discuss the figurative and formal legacies of “Third World Man” as a way of engaging the historiographical and artistic strategies of the works on view, and their evocation of image-based temporalities that survive the episode of postcolonial closure.



Dr Tania Roy is Senior Lecturer, and Chair of the Graduate Programme, in English Literature at NUS. She is the author of Adorno and the Architects of Late Style in India: Aesthetic Form after the Twentieth-century Novel (Routledge, 2020). At NUS, she teaches topics in Critical Theory, especially the aesthetics of the Frankfurt School, trauma studies, postcolonial and world literatures. Related interests on art after the liberalization of the Indian economy considered, especially, as a response to civic violence under the current dispensation of far-Right supremacism, have appeared as book-chapters and articles in journals, including, boundary 2, Theory, Culture and Society, Political Culture, The European Legacy, and The Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy.