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The Lab is a platform for introducing research in progress in various formats, different temporalities and modalities of expression.


Exhibit 101: Li Ran and Gary Ross Pastrana

2 Oct 2015, Fri - 29 Nov 2015, Sun

Unfolding over two months, Artists-in-Residence Li Ran and Gary Ross Pastrana will develop projects for The Lab, NTU CCA Singapore’s space for experimentation, which are speculations on how an image is created and deconstructed.

Gary Ross Pastrana’s An ASEAN Exhibition 1 creates an artistic gesture around the idea of Southeast Asia as a reference with no visual referent. The artist engaged DSM Solutions, a young Singaporean creative collective, to stage a “Contemporary Southeast Asia Art Exhibition-Themed Event” and prototype props that could stand in for Southeast Asian artworks. In this manner, the artist has effectively outsourced the sometimes-problematic task of representing Southeast Asia, an implied obligation of artists invited to regionally themed group exhibitions within the region.

Li Ran presents a new project Waiting for the Fog to Drift Away, a collaboration with Singapore Management University (SMU), Assistant Professor Rowan Wang, a specialist in overall planning science. Li Ran will conduct interviews to gain planning advice from Wang in an attempt to define the most successful trajectory for the life of an artist as a business enterprise, estimating production levels and peaks and troughs in key life moments.

Li Ran currently lives and works in Beijing, China. He graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Oil Painting Department with a BFA and is both the founder and member of COMPANY. He has exhibited widely including the 1st Pierre Huber Prize Annual Exhibition of Emerging Media Artists, OCAT Shanghai.

Gary-Ross Pastrana lives and works in Manila, The Philippines. He recently held a solo exhibition at the Vargas Museum in Manila and is one of the co-founders of Future Prospects Art Space in Cubao. Pastrana has regularly curated shows both in The Philippines and abroad.

Image credit: Tropical Paradise, 2015. Courtesy DSM Solutions