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Contemporary Art Magazines: A Critical Writing Reading Group #14

3 Jul 2017, Mon 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM
Office & Research Centre, Block 6 Lock Road

This is a reading group that aims to generate conversations on both the contemporary art scene and the practice of publishing and writing about art. We will be reading Mousse #58 this session, so join us for a lively discussion!

To RSVP and find out which publication we will be reading this session, please email

About Mousse #58

In collaboration with documenta14, this issue discussed matters related to the exhibition.

A – Mousse is a contemporary art magazine. Established in 2006, and publishing five issues every year, Mousse is made of interviews, conversations, and essays by some of the most important figures in international criticism, visual arts, and curating today, alternated with a series of feature columns. Mousse is peculiarly printed as a newspaper and bound as a magazine.
Mousse keeps tabs on international trends in contemporary culture around the world. Mousse has an average print run of 35,000 copies and widespread distribution in Europe, America, Australia, and Asia, as well as in Italy, where it is available free of charge.

B – Mousse is a publishing house of catalogues, essays, curatorial projects, artist books, and editions.
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C – Mousse is an agency that creates visual and communication projects for contemporary arts and culture initiatives.
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