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Artists’ Talks – Sheela Gowda, Navin Rawanchaikul, Norberto Roldan

10 May 2014, Sat 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Three exhibition artists lead talks as part of No Country public programme of events. In addition to speaking about their artwork in the exhibition, they discussed their artistic methods in the context of national identity and the way in which their works in the exhibition, within the framework of their art practices, explore conceptions of borders, both imagined and real.

Navin Rawanchaikul is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Chiang Mai, Thailand and Fukuoka, Japan. His painting Places of Rebirth (2009) presented in the exhibition was inspired by the artist’s first visit to Pakistan, the birthplace of his ancestors. The work narrates his family’s migration to Thailand in pursuit of new opportunities during the aftermath of 1947’s partition of South Asia.

Norberto Roldan is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Manila, Philippines. His painting F-16 (2012) presented in the exhibition explores the subject of power negotiation and geopolitical relations through reflection of the colonisation of the Philippines and in conjunction with events on today’s global stage.

Sheela Gowda is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Bangalore. The subject of her work Loss (2008) is the region of Kashmir, which is bordered by India, Pakistan, China, and Afghanistan. Through six photographs originally taken by Safiya Lone, the artist attempts to reconcile the separation between the complexities of the region and her own mediated experience thereof.